What is the best way to fire an employee?

Every employee must provide invaluable contributions to the business to ensure its continuous expansion. It is expected in employees that they finish high quality tasks and give their best at all times. To ensure that they know what their roles are, the personnel department supplies them with a list of what is expected of them. However, some still tend to fall short of these expectations making them more of a burden than an asset to the business. Because of this concern, there will be a need to end their services to give way for better employees who can take on their responsibilities. The situation and reason for dismissal are the indicatives of the best way to fire them.

Reasons for Firing an Employee

The most common reason why the services of employees are dismissed is their failure to meet the expectations as stated in the rules of the business. This includes attendance, punctuality, and meeting deadlines. Since these are rules that everybody must abide by, the personnel department can send memos to give necessary reminders and sanctions to people who are unable to abide by rules. It should be stated in the rules and guidelines of the company how these sanctions will be given to the employees to remind them of their responsibilities. The people responsible for these sanctions should also be determined beforehand.

What is the best way to fire an employeeFor example, it is initiated in the rules that after three violations of a certain rule, an employee will be given a verbal reminder by their immediate supervisor. After another set of violations, they will be given the first written memo. In case they are unable to fulfill their responsibility after the warnings specified, a second memo will be provided. Finally, if they are still unable to abide by the rules, a third memo which indicates dismissal will be delivered to them. This kind of process usually pertains to simple violations such as tardiness in coming to work or in submitting requirements. Having this process will make it easy for the personnel department in following up on the performance of every employee.

In case of grave misconduct or actions that resulted to crucial effects to the entire business, a formal letter should inform the employee of the termination of their service. To ensure that the company is giving the person the benefit of the doubt, a process of investigation may also be performed. Though verbally firing a person may seem to be the easiest and quickest way to relieve them from their duties, the formal means to fire employees will demonstrate professionalism of the company.

Terminating the Service of an Employee

Another main reason why businesses need to terminate the services of their employees is to fulfill cost-cutting measures. Laying off employees must be the last resort of a business because this would post several negative effects. Firing employees would not give good publicity and it will affect the relationship of people within the business. The work load of those who will continue to work in the business will also be increased which will change the responsibilities that each person has. This will surely make work harder and less enjoyable. The best way to dismiss employees due to a layoff is to provide them with a clear idea of what is going on with the company. It is necessary to let them know that this will happen not because of their performance as an employee but because the business will not be able to sustain their service.

To fire an employee, the best way to do this is to always show concern, respect, and compassion. Keeping a professional attitude even during times of complexities is expected to ensure that the business lives up to the standards. A formal process must be followed so that employees, despite being fired, would still demonstrate respect for the business that they have worked for. In the same way, the business and its members should also show reverence to the employee to give due recognition to the things he or she has contributed during their work tenure. There is no definite way of saying that a person is removed from their duties. The best way to fire someone is always to ensure that the employee will still feel respected and the proper process is followed before formally announcing this.

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