Whether you want to one-day be a manager in your company, or you already are a manager but want to excel in your company, you need to be open to learning new skills.  The world is changing fast around us and in order to keep up and ahead of others, you need to put some time to develop your skills as a manager so that you can effectively lead your team through  thick and thin.

It is important not to think you know it all, or that you already know everything there is to know about a certain subject.  Sometimes, even just learning one new thing in a certain skill area can help you drastically improve your performance.  On this resources page, you will find an abundance of tools available to you to help you develop, improve and hone your managerial skills.  Among them you will find courses, books, audio books as well as places that can help you with your resume and job search.  If you have any questions or comments please let us know by submitting them here.  Do your best and the results will come!


Learning Advanced Managerial Skills

  • MBA Online Programs – As companies are demanding more education from their managers than ever before, enrolling in an online MBA program can help you to be more attractive to your current and future employers since you can utilize your advanced managerial skills to help your company and yourself succeed.
  • Budgeting for Managers – This book will help you enhance your budgeting skills as a manager. You will find practical techniques and strategies to help you not only become a more efficient and effective manager to your company but a more valuable manager as well.
  • Managerial Accounting – Your accounting department will handle a lot of the financial numbers, but as a successful manager you need to go beyond that and take into account issues like efficiency, product rates as well as customer satisfaction. Dr. Metodija Stojanovski will guide you in this 7-module course to be more proficient in managerial accounting.
  • Anatomy of a Business Plan – This guide will take you through organizing your company structure to creating a marketing plan to keeping proper financial documents. This a must read for managers who are want to help their company develop new business and make sure they last.


Improving Your Communication Skills

  • Effective Communication – Dr. Deirdre Mithaug teaches this online course on effective communication.  This course will help you understand the way communication influences all aspects of your life, which can help enhance your business dealings, strengthen your personal relationships,  or just for generally improved interaction with others around you.
  • Negotiation Skills – This course helps to improve your negotiating skills by outlining common negotiating mistakes, providing ideas for win/win negotiations and giving you the secrets to powerful negotiation techniques among many other tips and tricks.


Improving Your Leadership Skills

  • Leadership Skills for Managers – This book provides you techniques to become more than just a manager and help you acquire the skills of a True Leader.  It teaches you the necessary leadership skills that are critical for success in to today’s dynamic environment.
  • Team Management – This course will give you the skills to design and develop a team that is committed to achieving a common goal.  Learn to motivate, delegate, create teams and resolve conflicts in a team setting.
  • Situational Leadership Training – Dr. Paul Hersey created this course 48 years ago and it revolutionized basic management training and turned it into a powerful leadership training manual.  Over 70% of the Fortune 1000 companies have been using this training with their top level executives, and only recently has it been available for us to as well.


Resources for Personal Development as a Manager

  • Time Management – Managing your time is fundamental to your success.  This course is the perfect “how-to” guide that will help you navigate through over-commitments, conflicting priorities and disorganization which will help you achieve a good balance between your personal and professional lives.


Resume & Job Search Resources

  • Resume Writing – Don’t get overwhelmed with creating your resume  before you even start.  This course helps you to develop a solid resume that will get the attention you want and need from potential employers. Not only will you learn how a resume should look in this day and age, but also what it should say.
  • Interview Skills – Making sure to prepare for an interview is probably one of the most importance moments in your career.  Getting that perfect job is tough, but if you are confident, passionate and determined you can easily overcome this challenge by going over the issues and analysis that this course offers.