Leading The Herd: How to Be a Better Leader

As John Quincy Adams said: “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” Rather it’s in the home, the workplace, a social group or with friends if achieving great leadership skills is something you’re interested in improving for yourself, look no further. Being a great leader, although it takes conscious effort, doesn’t have to be difficult. By setting goals and thinking of others you too can become a wonderful person. Read these tips to help build your self-confidence in becoming a great leader.

Set Goals

Set weekly or daily goals. Pick something each day, like a relationship that may need improvement and set a list of weekly goals to accomplish as the opportunity presents itself. If your looking to enhance your presence as a leader at home with your family. List boundaries you need to set for yourself and base your goals around that.

Become a Better Leader By the End of the DayBring Your A-Game

Attitude makes all the difference in not only the way you interact with people but in the way people interact with you. Maintaining positivity, integrity and a moral code in all you do will correctly demonstrate ideal characteristics, embodying leadership to others using management skills.

Know Your People

A good leader is continually self aware of the limits and abilities of those they surround themselves with. Allow team members to showcase their talents, and use skill sets to the overall advantage of a team. At the same time don’t take a strict authoritative approach to leadership, see yourself as a team member that’s helping direct and guide rather than a person above the group controlling thoughts and actions, as pastor Ed Young says: “Delegation without investigation is merely relegation.”

Be Consistent

Being consistent in all you do is the best way to withhold a certain image. If you give 100 percent on Monday, and 20 percent on Tuesday, people may become confused with where you stand.

Have Guts, Have Empathy

Be empathetic towards people and situations, but have the innards to do the dirty work and get the job done. In the workplace, be a person who genuinely cares about others and is friendly, but also someone who is confident that others can trust to make tough decisions.

Start a Conversation

Leadership can really be as simple as striking up a conversation with someone. When talking with another person stay present, listen carefully, keep things light and stay optimistic and find a way to relate common values and ideas to what the person is saying. Speak with kindness and keep things brief.

Communication is Key

Keeping an open line of communication makes a leader be someone people can come to with anything and be a person that clearly and easily expresses ideas, concerns and criticisms.

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