Define, Understand, and Differentiate between Leadership and Management

In the business world, the words leadership and management are commonly used interchangeably and similarly. But the truth is, these two words differ in the way individuals bearing these positions handle their roles. A leader and a manager are two very different roles because these persons in charge have dissimilar thoughts on the definition of leadership. The manners by which these two individuals go about the daily routines of their work also differ. Due to these leadership and management should be regarded to as different aspects in the industrial world. But, which is needed more in organizations?

It is basically a question of one is able to show his or her leadership and management qualities. Since these would all overlap in most instances, separating the qualities of leaders from the characteristics of managers in needed. A question on people’s mind might include the aspects by which leaders and managers employ quality management in the departments or groups that they belong to. Here are some of the key points that will let a person know if the person in charge of their group has the basic qualities in which of the two fields of leadership and management.

leadership and managementThe Differences in the Views of Authority in Leadership and Management

Whenever differentiating leadership and management, the first thing to consider is their way of showing their authority to a group or groups of individuals. Management will usually execute rules and express their thoughts based on the overall interest of the company they work for regardless of how these decisions affect people involved. Because of the need to conform, leadership and management often clash in the way they deal with people. Managers will usually fight for the attainment of the main goal at the expense of other things that are usually regarded to as lesser of importance.

On the other hand, leaders are trained to follow morally correct and acceptable principles to ensure the safety and to continue motivating their group. In the world of leadership and management, leaders are geared more towards the development of their group as a whole rather than the growth and success of individual careers. Leaders encourage constant changes that positively affect the group of individuals that they work with. In addition to this, leadership denotes the quality of humility wherein a person is more aware of his or her qualities than the title or promotion being given. These are the main differences that can be seen in leadership and management qualities of people.

Creative Minds of People in Leadership and Management

The ability to envision the future of the industry is one of the major tasks given to people in leadership and management. But these two tasks still differ in the manner by which they deliver and put into action what they devise to reach a certain goal. Leaders will tend to think of long term goals and achieve these through time while managers are constricted with what is imposed upon them, whether by the management, their supervisors, and the leadership vs managementrules that govern the entire organization. Managers are directed towards achieving what is expected to make sure that their role is done perfectly. The leaders, however, would take on every challenge, even if this posts a risk, as they try to go beyond what is expected of them.

How to Make Managers Transform into Leaders

Just by going through the differences between leadership and management, one can already say that if all managers are leaders they would be able to make a difference. Since not all managers can have the skills and idealisms of leaders it is good to provide team building activities that would help mould them and further develop them. Managers are the best people to lead because of their innate loyalty to the industry and the company they work for. In developing them into leaders, these managers would be able to achieve the set goals for the company and for the team.  Being an effective leader is something that will set you apart in any job search.  In summary, putting leadership and management skills together would certainly make a wonderful difference in the way people work, as well as in the future of the industry.

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