Leadership Activities in Management Training

Anyone involved in a management position requiring leadership skills will tell you that there is a tremendous amount of work involved which require training in leadership activities. There are so many different dimensions of a business organization or corporate structure that must be monitored, evaluated, controlled, reviewed, such that an effective leader must delegate parts of the work load. As a consequence, the leader must train others, and part of that training involves leadership activities. These activities are training tools the business leader uses to create a smooth functioning business team.

leadership activitiesLeadership Activities #1: Planning

Most business and management activities involve creating a predestined course of action through planning. There are many tools available in the planning repertoire. Creating clearly established objectives helps focus the entire management team. By knowing potential future business trends, the effective leader can be the “first on scene” to beat the competition. Scheduling is certainly part of the planning operation, and allows for a coherent structure to business activities. Along similar lines would be budget preparation, establishing business procedures and protocols, and developing policies that lets all the employees know the do’s and don’ts of business management.

Leadership Activities #2: Organizing

Leadership activities focus heavily on organizing. This simply means arranging and organizing work so that it can be most effectively performed by the workers/employees. Most large scale business enterprises have a clearly defined organizational structure. As an example, the person responsible for receiving and delivering the mail would not be involved in the systems analyst in developing software programming. Each employee has clearly defined job duties and responsibilities. This helps enhance establishing relationships that optimizes mutually cooperative efforts of the employees. A good leader will delegate activities and even authority to others, at the same time always demanding accountability.

key leadership activities#3: Motivation

A good leader has to motivate others to take action. Thus, the qualities of a leader are multivariate. The leader must know how to select the right person for a particular job or operation. That involves proper decision-making. A poor decision has the potential for catastrophic results. Part and parcel of good decision making is effective communication abilities. Was the message clearly delivered and understood? There are many mitigating factors that can destroy an effective message. An employee may need help in developing certain skills, knowledge, or even attitude. A good leader is also a good developer of people. The conclusions and judgments of the manager will have direct consequences on business operations as a whole and test the extent of their leadership competencies.

#4: Assessing & Regulating

Leadership activities will always involve assessing and regulating any work in progress. Certain performance standards must be established, so that employees will know what is expected from them. The good manager has performance measuring protocols available that helps delineate how well work in progress is being performed. There are also performance evaluation standards, surveys, questionnaires, and self-assessments available. If necessary, the good business leader can offer correction protocols to the worker/employee that will boost any needed improvements in work and production output. In the final analysis, a good leader with great management skill is going to be the person implements good leadership activities and make things happen, and leads the business forward to superior performance levels.

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