The Importance of Integrity for Managers

Good managers need a variety of managerial skill in order to successfully manage a large group of people, specifically the skill of management integrity. Additionally, managers must utilize the resources of their employer to an optimal degree. The importance of integrity for managers is one of the key managerial skills. A manager’s subordinates must trust, and even look up to, their supervisor. Without managerial integrity, the employees may not perform at their highest levels. Indeed, motivating the employees can be a make-or-break mark for a successful manager. Business managers have to utilize the physical, emotional, mental, and intellectual talents of their employees in order to successfully run business operations.

Management Integrity: Good Observation Skills

An astute manager with good management integrity will have good observation skills. People are human beings with different problems, whether at home or at the work place. It is a fact of business employment that many workers will bring their home and family problems with them to work. Drinking alcohol is one method many use to overcome stress. Alcoholism can definitely lead to job performance problems. A good manager will always be observant for any personal or interpersonal problems a particular employee may be experiencing. If needed, counseling and treatment may be called for.

Complement Your Employees

management integrity

Complementing good observation skills in a good manager is monitoring employee performance. There are different methods a successful manager can utilize to enhance employee operations. There is the old adage of,”…do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Evaluate some of the words spoken to a subordinate, perhaps in a fit of anger, and ask yourself, “Would I want someone speaking to me in that way?” A top manager should not be overly critical of their employees. It is a fact that people respond better to positive reinforcement (”Good job!”), rather than negative reinforcement (“You’re a lousy worker!”). Tone, inflection, cadence, and voice inflection can all affect how the worker receives the praise or constructive criticism. This is another example of the importance of integrity for managers

Effectiveness of Management Integrity

An effective manager will always be available to their employees. Holing up in an office and communicating only via interoffice memos or text messaging does not add to one’s interpersonal skills! If that were so, then why not simply have an artificial intelligence machine run the business! There are many non-verbal behavioral cues involved with human communication in situations that require management integrity. Eye contact is a very important tool to convey meanings and intentions. Facial movements and body posture are all forms of non verbal communication that a good manager can utilize to motivate higher performance levels from their employees.

There may be poor morale at work because there are problems with the workplace itself. The manager can look for ways to improve workplace conditions or environment.  Sometimes implementing the right leadership activities to bring a team together can change the outlook for people at the workplace.
Maybe there is equipment upgrades needed, or perhaps better air conditioning, or even better lighting; these are all specific areas that the superior management executive will be monitoring. The importance of integrity for managers is such that if a manager is caught being disingenuous; the employees may no longer care about working for them as they realize there is no good management integrity at the top of the company anyways.

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