How to Draw the Line Between Marketing and Advertising

The growing number of businesses in the industry has increased the competition between various brands of products in the market. This has been the biggest challenge that businesses face to ensure that they get the attention and the trust of consumers. In the same way, entrepreneurs who have started a new business venture are tasked to advertise their products to ensure that it would bring in profits. Bigger companies and businesses have the ability to work on these challenges because they can assign a group of personnel to focus on this task.

When it comes to creating advertisements and marketing strategies to sell products, many individuals find it confusing not knowing the differences between the two. Looking at it closely, one will instantly think that marketing and advertising are the same. With more understanding in these two aspects in business, an individual will be able to see that there is a thin line that differentiates the two.

Marketing from a manager’s perspective

Marketing is a task that would require personnel to facilitate the development of the relationship of the business with its consumers. There is a need for the marketing group to think of ways and strategies that would interest the consumers to make purchases of products made by the company. In addition to this, there is also a need to evaluate these strategies to ensure that it is effective.

How to Draw the Line Between Marketing and AdvertisingThe in depth analysis and evaluation of the market are also important jobs of marketing. In research, they try to discover what the consumers need and want. The interests, demands, and opinions of the consumer are also taken into account. These tasks can be done by marketing through surveys, focused group discussions, free trials, and many others. Through these marketing strategies, they will also be able to discover feasible projects that the company can take on. From this, the business would be able to determine future products just by discovering what the consumers need and look forward to.

The evaluation of the sales report is also being studied and covered in marketing which includes the increase or decrease of sales, sales of other competitors, and the new products in the market. By knowing these, the company is able to predict the trend. In case there is a possible decrease of sales in the coming months, the marketing will be able to devise a plan to counter it.

Advertising from the Manager’s point of view

The promotion of the products and the company as a whole is another job of marketing. This is where advertising comes in. Advertising is basically tasked to increase the awareness of consumers about the company name, brand, or the product itself. Depending on the thrust of marketing, the advertisements being posted are altered and created.

An example of this would be the advertisements on television which are able a specific brand and type of product of a food chain. It may be advertised because it is a new product or if it is in season. A brand of swimsuits does not place their advertisements on magazine covers during winter or fall because people will not be purchasing it. So, marketing is tasked to give advertising things that need to be done. The creativity in putting these into words or pictures would be the role of advertising.

Marketing and advertising may look like overlapping areas in business. But the difference between the two is the scope that they cover. Marketing will always look into the overall promotion and relations of the company considering its products, services, as well as its employees and consumers. On the other hand, advertising is one of the functions that marketing plays in a company which is to promote specific products or the company name.

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