Good Boss or Bad Boss: Assess Your Managing Style

Imagine the bosses you have worked with in the past. Were they considerate? How successful were they? Did you look up to them? What are the qualities that you did not like about them? Try to make a list of the things that you liked and disliked about them then ask yourself which of their qualities you have inherited.

You may not be aware of it but you would most likely be acting the same way as they did in the past. Though you might swear that you will never manage people the way they used to, you may unconsciously be unaware of your actions. Now, let us try to dissect the qualities and things that affect the attitude of bosses and what makes them a good or a bad boss.

What is your Managing Style?

Experience is one of the reasons why a person becomes a boss of the team or the company. Some use their experience in a good way while others tend to utilize their knowledge and wisdom for their personal gain. Good bosses would share their experiences and the lessons they have learned along the way to help others avoid making mistakes. Despite the saying which says ‘learn from your mistakes’, there is no harm to learn from the wisdom of others. Instead of keeping what they know to themselves, bosses should also have the willingness to help other people improve and learn from their personal experiences.

Good Boss or Bad Boss Assess Your Managing Style The communication skills of people are extremely important at work. A boss will always be able to express their thoughts and vision to others. This is the only way by which a boss is able to ensure that work is done properly. However, communicating what one thinks is very different from understanding what others are saying. A good boss should have the ability to speak clearly and understand other people. A two-way communication process should be employed at work so that goals are achieved and the welfare of all members is taken into consideration. Every boss also has a special way of recognizing people and reprimanding them if needed. A good boss will provide an encouraging rewards and punishment system, while a regular boss would just think of an immediate solution to the actions of people. Rewarding people must be done in a regular basis. If there is a need to give feedback, a boss must be able to do this to ensure that strengths are highlighted and that all areas that need improvement are covered.

Are you Good, Average or Bad?

Both good and bad bosses may have the same management qualities. But, it is the way that they are able to facilitate and apply these that make it matter. However, an excellent boss will always have the willingness to extend their assistance to every person in the company. The ability of a boss in managing their team will reflect in the way that every person works and the results that can be achieved. The reputation of a boss will increase when they provide positive results matched with a great relationship with others.

The characteristic that sets a good boss and a bad boss from an excellent leader is the ability to show genuine concern for the company and the people working in it. By allowing people to feel comfortable in the workplace, every person working in the company will be motivated to work and perform their roles well. Now, what kind of boss are you? If your skills are listed down by other people, will your skills be placed under well-liked or disliked categories? Hopefully, you are already in the right track towards becoming an excellent boss that will lead you and the entire company to success.

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