Getting Acquainted with the Main Functions of Management

Before delving into the managerial world, it is an utmost necessity to learn the functions of management. This is essential for a person, especially leaders, to know the specific responsibilities that they have in their group and as a part of the company. In this article, one can discover the main functions of management that is generally followed in all sorts of industries and various companies around the world. As a learner or teacher in the field of management, these main functions of management are considered universal although it is usually changed or adapted based on the needs and nature of the company where one belongs to.

functions of managementPlanning: The Most Important Functions of Management

The area of planning may be considered as one of the most important functions of management because it states the desires and objectives of the company. This must include the vision of the company and how it is perceived to be like in the years to come. It may sound very simple, but, planning covers a very wide scope as it needs descriptive data of what the company, the employees, and its consumers can expect in the future, both short term and long term. As one of the functions of management, planning requires months, even years, of facilitation and preparation, because it does not only refer to the superficial factors in the company, but also requires plans for the development of the culture that needs to be built in the industry.

Planning is also considered as the main foundation of the company because all goals and future endeavors must be rooted in these initial functions of management. Usually, the planning department is made up of various groups of individuals who are foreseen to be the key leaders of the companies. Despite varying leadership styles, they are expected to come up with a well devised plan of what they foresee the company to be like. Since they are working together, they can plan and create a vision of the company that encompasses all departments and groups making it consistent and well determined.

Organizing: The Most Constant Role in Management

Another part of the main functions of management is directed towards the organization of all the facets of production and manpower. In organizing, the management tries its best to make the most of their resources by allocating these appropriately. Successful businesses and enterprises have definitely started small but despite this challenge they were able to arise. This is with the help of the organizing aspect of the company that ensures that regardless of how minimal the resources are, these are maximally used and applied in their operations.

function of managementNot only are the resources the main concern of the organizing functions of management. It is also known as constant role of management that will continuously change and adapt to the company and its environment. For instance, the company is experiencing shortage in resources to produce enough of what their consumers demand, the organizing functions of management may either seek for importation of goods or increase the price of the products to meet the changes in the market. In the same way, organizing also pertains to human resources. Since this is not a constant factor in a company, the department will always look for ways to improve and strengthen its manpower. Situational leadership will usually apply in the organizing function to ensure that all needs are met at all times.

Directing and Controlling: The Most Challenging Functions of Management

A lot of companies are aware of the most challenging functions of management which is directing and controlling. In this function, leadership and management capabilities are truly tested and challenged. Supervising over the staff is a challenging role because of the need to deal with people and the main role of a leader is to ensure that the people under one’s care is motivated and well informed of the rules and expectations. Every leader would want their employees to perform and surpass expectations because it helps in attaining the planned goals of the company and the department. Whether leaders provide motivation, recognition, or corrective actions, these are all directed towards the achievement of the directing and controlling functions of management.

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