How to Develop Managerial Skills

If you want to be an effective leader or manager, there is a good managerial skill set that you must possess or develop. These are skills on planning, organizing, directing and controlling. These are all necessary to achieve goals and objectives that your company has laid out for you. They are essential for the growth not just of the organization but also of the people you manage or lead.

Managerial Skill of Planning

Planning is beneficial for an organization or a business to start and succeed. In fact, planning is important in every stage of life. They can be short-term, medium-term or long-term plans. This involves you and the other decision-makers of the organization coming together, determining the current situation, weighing and evaluating various options, and deciding on the alternatives presented. When you plan ahead of time, everything will be carefully studied and detailed thus ensuring a successful execution of things. Without careful planning, the organization will be put at risk.

Managerial Skill of Organizing

One of the most important managerial skill after planning is organizing. After determining what to do during the planning stage, you would know what to do next. You need to identify various tasks and responsibilities, organize your people, assign them their tasks and determine other resources of the company that are needed to make the plans a reality. Organizing provides a chain of command, assigning of responsibilities and achieving proper control of the organization. A good manager organizes successfully by communicating effectively the plan. While planning deals with matters that need to be done, organizing deals with how to make the plan successfully operational.

managerial skillsManagerial Skill of Directing

After organizing comes directing where you will now lead people as to what to do to execute the plan. While planning and organizing makes use of thinking, directing puts these thoughts into action. It is the implementation phase. You tell your people what to do so that the purpose and aims of the organization are met. You need to emphasize to them once and for all the goals of the company so that they would understand them properly. You need to tell them of their importance in achieving these goals. You also need to ensure that they have everything they need to execute the plan. To direct effectively, never sit and give orders. Instead, take the lead in doing things and oversee and assist your people in their tasks. This will encourage your people to work even harder.

Managerial Skill of Controlling

The act of controlling is also a necessary management skill. You need to achieve control of your people so as to attain the mission of the company including the need to deal with difficult people as well as motivating employees. To do this, you need to establish standards of performance so that your people will know how they should perform and you will have a basis for evaluating their work. You also need to monitor and evaluate your people’s performance and give feedback on your findings. You can give citations to those who conducted their job well or who exceeded their outputs. When you possess a good managerial skill set, the company will be in good hands.

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