Discovering Your Personal Definition of Leadership

With the countless theoretical explanations on the definition of leadership, people can simply search its meaning on the Internet to create their own. If you are asked, “What is leadership in your own words?”, what will you say? Some might say that their personal definition of leadership would be the ability to facilitate rules and make decisions for the welfare of the individuals working under his or her supervision, while some others simply think that the ability to make good decisions is the key. There might be some who would simply cite experiences or actual situations that show what leaders are expected to do. Although it may be sad to say, some people might not even have a clear idea of what leadership is making them fumble and be frustrated in understanding the task of a true leader.

definition of leadershipAn Investor’s Definition of Leadership

In the perspective of quality management, leadership is defined as the skill of a person to motivate a group to produce quality results to please the consumers. Because of this, the company is able to receive positive comments, which will definitely imply shying away from criticisms and decline in the reputation. The main objective of many companies is to ensure positive growth regardless of the condition of the people working in it because a productive company based on quantity and quality will continuously receive funding from their profits and gains. Due to this fact, the definition of leadership in the eyes of the investors is only directed towards the ability of a person to ensure the happiness of the consumers.

How To Define the Word Leader

Becoming a leader cannot be achieved overnight because there are absolutely countless skills that one needs to achieve in order to be called one. Have you ever heard of the ‘born leader’? In this sense, the definition of leadership is something that may be understood to be something innate in a person. In reality, decisiveness and assertiveness are two of the qualities we may be born with and what comes out of this is leadership. Not all decisive and assertive people are leaders because they slowly become capable to lead after going through training and life experiences that make them knowledgeable. In finding the definition of leadership, more so, understanding the objective of being a leader, one must be able to know how a true leader works. Through the guidance of people who are true and born leaders, individuals are able to grow and discover the true definition of leadership.

what is leadershipOne’s Personal Definition of Leadership

Leadership can be described and defined in many ways, in various contexts, in different languages, and in changing cultures. In seeking for your own definition of leadership, it is best to look into the manner you manage your career and how you are able to relate to people around you. Try to understand how they see you, as well as, how they perceive your skills. It is not merely seen based on the authority that you have over others; the true definition of leadership is based on how you affect others in a positive way.

The root word of ‘Leadership’ is lead, which means that the true definition of leadership can only be seen by the person in the way he or she is able to lead. Some may motivate others, while there are those who inspire others. Motivation and inspiration are two very different words. When motivating others, you are able to give them that willingness to achieve what is expected of them every time. On the other hand, inspiring others can be defined by providing words or actions that encourage other people to go beyond what they can do. One’s personal definition of leadership will only be understood truthfully by seeking how you would be able to relate with others in a way that you are able to give them the motivation and inspiration to be the their best at work.

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