How to Deal With Difficult Team Members

Being a leader, for all the benefits that come along with the title, will definitely take a toll on you if you are not prepared for it especially when you deal with difficult people. It can be quite hard to manage a group of people and to inspire them to do their best for the business, and even harder to straighten out any wrinkle that may come up among the relationships of your subordinates. If you are lucky enough to be in this position of power, you need to arm yourself with the necessary leadership competencies that will allow you to deal with difficult team members. Here are some guidelines that you may use when the need arises, both in an effort to make the team function as efficient as it can without losing your edge as the leader.

Explain The Situation When You Deal With Difficult People

First and foremost, you need to be able to effectively explain the situation to the person who is involved when you deal with difficult people. If you find that you have been receiving various forms of resistance from certain members of the group, then you need to be able to talk to these people and explain to them, in the nicest possible manner, how their attitude is detrimental to the group’s success. Also point out how their attitude has been making it harder for the other members of the groups to perform their best as well. As long as you manage to use the right approach in addressing those who are involved, you should be able to gear them to change their points of view, which would make it exponentially better to work with them. Be firm and be authoritative, but avoid using your position as the leader to make another person feel ill at ease.

how to deal with difficult peopleDo You Have The Right Skills?

Make sure that you develop the necessary leadership skills that will allow you to assess whatever reason may be causing certain members of the group to be difficult to work with. Use of performance reviews can be effective in determining specific problems and finding solutions. For all you know, you may be lacking certain management techniques that would have kept them in their place. If you are absolutely confident that you are doing everything that you can to keep the group running smoothly, then begin to assess the over-all business environment. If you find that the environment is as conducive for business as possible, you can assume that there are certain problems that these members are experiencing, which you should be able to find when you deal with difficult people on your team.

Game Plan When You Deal With Difficult People

Finally, make sure that you hatch a good plan that will allow you to follow through any problematic case and to find whether the requested improvements in action or behavior are being performed. If you find that your team members are still continuously causing any form of resistance to your leadership, despite your efforts of trying to understand them, then it may be time to provide some sort of disciplinary action. Having good leadership skills will require you to discipline the members of your group without causing them to feel alienated and this requires great management integrity. Find the right consequences for team members, most preferably one that will make them much easier to work with in the future so that you don’t have to deal with difficult people on your team.

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