Are You A Manager Or A Leader?

People believe that if they would finally get the promotion they have been dreaming of as a manager, they would be able to lead their team to become successful. Most individuals would also think that a person is given the opportunity to become a manager because they are born leaders. In the industry today, people are aware that some people can simply lead their team effortlessly while others struggle. This is due to the fact that the qualities of a manager is different from a leader.

In every leader, people can find the initiative to continuously succeed and improve, not only as an individual but altogether as a group. If one would look into this vision that leaders have, one will see that this should also be something that every manager should have. But the problem is that, this, do not happen all the time. Is it not funny that people would not want to be regarded to as managery? This is because of how many individuals have experienced their working lives with a manager and not a leader. A manager would usually dictate what people needs to do and what they have to accomplish. On the other hand, a leader would always look into influencing other people through the things that they do in order to help them accomplish their goals.

What motivates people to work every day?

People are empowered to work every day. Ever wondered what motivates them to do this? The manager of a team will always provide assignments that the employees would do and complete within the provided time line. On the contrary to this, people who are led by a true leader would work and complete their goals because they have the passion to do so. Their true motivation does not only depend on knowing what is expected of them. People would want to succeed since they are given the chance to take credit for their own achievements rather than just be given the task.

Are You A Manager Or A LeaderWork is just like a race that uses mind, time, and energy that just running skill alone. This race also has a finish line. The manager will always an individual’s eyes on the finish line which tells them the end of the job. With the help of a leader, a person will be able to see beyond the finish line. The task of a person is to complete his or her job by reaching the end of the race track. But, beyond the finish line lies more responsibilities that they can further achieve. When a person is assigned as a manager, they are tasked to train people around them. As a leader, one will not only train people to do certain jobs, but they also help develop their overall character. As individuals work in the office, one can already see if they are governed by a manager or by a leader through the way that people reach their objectives at the end of the day. Are they happy with the achievement that they have for the day? Or are they simply happy that the day is over?

The inspiration that leaders give to others cannot only be seen in the group they are working with because it also radiates throughout the office. If a team is simply led by a manager, the group will not feel successful with what they achieve since they do not take credit for it. A leader will always arise in situations that require group efforts and that person will motivate others to work towards their goal together. Now, take a look at your own team. Are they being led by a manager or a leader?

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